TARGIT-A trial of IORT for breast cancer – Adequate follow up for a large number of patients.

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Adequacy of follow up duration in the TARGIT-A trial 

In this short paper, we provide a detailed explanation about the follow-up of the TARGIT-A trial[1, 2] and clarify how it is long enough to be relied upon to guide the application of TARGIT using Intrabeam in routine clinical practice in appropriate patients. We have explained this in the correspondence columns of the Lancet (17 May 2014)

It may appear tempting to speculate that years in the future a difference in local recurrence will become apparent and the difference in mortality that we have already seen will go away, but neither our data nor previous trial results support this speculation, which ignores our understanding about the complex natural history of breast cancer and robust literature about the toxic effects of EBRT on other organs such as the heart.

Continuing to ignore the TARGIT-A trial data can potentially put a large proportion of breast cancer patients at a significant disadvantage. Continue reading

TARGIT at St Gallen Breast Cancer symposium

TARGIT at the consensus meeting, St Gallen Breast Cancer symposium, March 2011

19 March 2011

At the 12th International St.Gallen Breast Cancer Conference 
16-19 March 2011 / St.Gallen, Switzerland,(~4200 delegates) at the Consensus session on the last day of the conference voted in favour of using intraoperative radiotherapy.

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