September 2013: TARGIT at ASTRO, USA

Three papers were presented at ASTRO in Sepemeber 2013: two posters[1][2] and one oral presentation[3].

Professor Frederik Wenz reported that  “Patients in the German centres in the TARGIT-A trial have excellent 5 year outcomes (local control >97%, overall survival !94%) in both arms of the trial”[2].

Professor Jayant Vaidya reported that “Omitting whole breast radiotherapy did not increase axillary recurrence rate in the TARGIT-A trial”[3]. and that “In addition to the avoidance of toxicity of whole breast radiotherapy, the reduction in non-breast cancer deaths may be the result of a beneficial effect of TARGIT with the hypothesis that the local effect of TARGIT on the tumor bed by inhibiting the cancer-stimulating cytokines, may spill over to reduce systemic inflammatory response to trauma and have significant long-term systemic beneficial effects, that might be protective against cardiac and cancer mortality[1].

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