Articles Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

September 2013: TARGIT at ASTRO, USA

Three papers were presented at ASTRO in Sepemeber 2013: two posters and one oral presentation.

Articles General Surgery

New techniques in General Surgery

I have described a new clinical diagnostic test for hernia, a method to record diastolic blood pressure without a stethoscope, and a new surgical knot.

While investigating the reasons for vomiting after surgery, we found that omitting nitrous oxide reduces its incidence

I have written about my concerns about training of doctors and surgeons and of overspecialisation that could have had fatal consequences

Here is an interesting case of gall stone ileus diagnosed from a plain abdominal film and a new disease described by my son Hrisheekesh Vaidya at age 9.

When we used the delay from symptom onset rather than clinical presentation, we found that it increases conversion rate from laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy which prompted a commentary.

I reviewed the popular must-read for surgical residents and wrote in the BMJ about alleged ‘safety-valve’ effect of spanking and people’s reaction to bad press about doctors

My commentary on systemic effect of surgery and intraoperative radiotherapy

Articles Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

TARGIT at St Gallen Breast Cancer symposium

TARGIT at the consensus meeting, St Gallen Breast Cancer symposium, March 2011

19 March 2011

At the 12th International St.Gallen Breast Cancer Conference 
16-19 March 2011 / St.Gallen, Switzerland,(~4200 delegates) at the Consensus session on the last day of the conference voted in favour of using intraoperative radiotherapy.

Articles Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

The first report of targeted intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer

The first full paper about TARGIT was published in 2001

Articles Physiology and Pharmacology

A new finding in human physiology

Some original work in physiology and pharamacology – how sweating can be easily controlled by posture and  anti-inflammatory properties of anti-hypertensive drugs

When lying down after a late night as the ‘Cultural Secretary in 2nd year of Goa Medical College in the summer of 1986, I found that only one side of my body was sweating – the right side (when I was lying on the left) – and when I turned  to lie on the right, the left side started sweating – with a midline demarcation from head to toe. It was a very surprising finding as the ceiling fan was full on  in a hot and humid night and I did not expect the side facing the fan to sweat more or remain wet.

The next day, I tested this in my father and brother, and after searching for it in vain in all our textbooks, discussed it with our Professor of Physiology – Dr Ramesh A Dhume, asking him if this was a hitherto unknown physiological finding. He agreed and we applied for a student grant and performed an experiment – which proved this new finding to be real


Other papers on physiology and pharmacology – written during medical school are on scientifically proven effects of meditation and some new effects of common drugs